Cruise the World

Suggestions for 13 May - 17 May

VARIETY CRUISES – Ionian Islands

Explore emerald landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, dive into sparkling turquoise waters and wander through colourful port towns, each with an inviting charm. Now at a reduction of 50%. 

SEABOURN -  Antillean Treasure Holiday

A Sail To Remember is the new campaign Seabourn is launching, with discounts of up to 10% on quite a lot of sailings in October 2024 and 2025. One of these all-luxury voyages will take you to the Caribbean.

SILVERSEA – Mediterranean

Croatia breathes life into your Mediterranean fantasies with hidden coves, crystal clear waters, gastronomic delights and breathtaking sunsets. Take, for example, the picturesque town of Piran.


The Costa del Sol is home to some of Spain's most beautiful stretches of coastline with lovely towns and charming villages. So discover the Roman ruins in Cartagena and relax on the beaches of Motril.

NICKO CRUISES – Renaissance & Reformation

This enchanting river cruise takes you through the picturesque Elbe Valley and to the cities of Bohemia and Saxony, such as Dresden and Potsdam. Of course, Prague is not to be missed on this regal journey either.

Suggestions for 06 May - 10 May

OCEANIA CRUISES – Springtime Rivieras

This amazing cruise is not only an ode to the succulent gastronomy on board, but equally to the resurgence of incredible dream destinations. And on top of that, you'll enjoy a suite upgrade and more with your simply more.

EXPLORA JOURNEYS – Romance & Ruins

A haunting journey along the coastlines of Croatia and the Greek islands to enjoy stunning nature, ancient cultures and majestic construction works. On board, it's wonderfully relaxing in the pools and whirlpools.


Until 30 June, you can enjoy discounts on a selection of exotic voyages. Like this cruise along the coasts of South Africa and Namibia. You also get a 3-day post-cruise stay included in your package.

HOLLAND AMERICA LINE – Legends of Norway

An 8-day voyage along wondrous castles, canals and beautiful blue-green fjords. Thanks to the anniversary promotion, you will also enjoy 300 USD board credit and the advantages of the Have it All package.

Suggestions for 29 April - 03 May

NICKO CRUISES – Danube Metropolises

Lively metropolises, enchanting landscapes and an entirely new river cruise experience! This cruise offers all the modern comforts and understated elegance for your Danube cities experience.

SEABOURN – Thailand, Cambodja & Vietnam

This voyage lets you experience some unforgettable destinations such as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Halong Bay. Seabourn has also discovered a pristine tropical island to host the famous Caviar in the Surf.


Cruise through the culture and dramatic landscapes of the Mediterranean. The island of Delos, the mythological birthplace of Apollo, will surprise you, as well as the ruins of Pompeii and the splendor of Pisa.

CELESTYAL CRUISES – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Celestyal put together a number of new itineraries around the Persian Gulf. Take the 8-day Desert Days combined with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from Dubai. Your race tickets are also taken care of.

SILVERSEA – Mediterranean Treasures

This 10-day voyage will excite all your senses as you experience the French and Italian Riviera. Also of interest is the Suite Upgrade and board credit of USD 1,000 per suite. Still valid until the end of May.

Suggestions for 22 April - 26 April

OCEANIA CRUISES – Tropics of the Far East

This 24-day voyege takes you from the beauty of Japan to the stunning nature of Boracay Island and Borneo. Enjoy the unique culture in Bali, one free overnight in Tokyo and many other Oceania offers.

PONANT - Spitsbergen
An expedition experience to an incredible spectrum of wildlife and a magical variety of a big blue sky, the horizon scattered with clouds and the enveloping mist erasing the border between land and  sea.

SCENIC – Italian Treasures

Discover Italy’s iconic coastlines, where sheer cliffs descend into picture-perfect beaches, pastel-hued fishing villages perch on the edge of the ocean, and rolling hills are dotted with terraced vineyards.


Journey from ancient Athens along Greece’s coastline, exploring remarkable civilizations, quaint coastal towns, and historical sites. An ideal setting for visiting renowned wineries with exclusive wine tastings.

CELESTYAL  – Desert & Qatar Grand Prix

This 8-days voyage takes you to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Khasab in Oman, a dazzling combination of culture and nature. Also a unique opportunity to watch the Qatar Grand Prix as you stay in Qatar for 3 days.