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With our CRUISE FINDER you can search easily and quickly for your next cruise by entering your preferences with regard to the destination (cruise zone), the period, the duration of the cruise, eventually adjusted with the shipping company you prefer to go on a cruise and the formula on board, such as full board, beverage package, all inclusive.

Also, you can select the type of cruise you have in mind, and that requires a little explanation.


These are cruises with vessels of less than 3,000 passengers where the destination is of great importance, easily accessible to a wide audience with fine gastronomy, pleasant service and many facilities on board.

Duo (500 – 1.500 passengers):

These are cruises that we recommend more for couples because of the small scale of the vessel, intense itineraries and the intimacy on board. Tasty food, personal service and carefully selected experience excursions.

Yachting (30 – 300 passengers) :

A very intimate way to go on a cruise is a yacht and/or sailing cruise, small 'boutique' ships with a fantastic friendly atmosphere on board, an eye for the local cuisine of the destination and a high experience level. The ship often remains at the quay all night so that you have time for a pleasant evening in the harbor.

Family & friends (+ 3.000 passengers) :

 These cruise vessels are a true paradise for kids and active holidaymakers, because water slides, climbing walls, basket and volleyball courts, bowling and zip lines are part of the facilities to guarantee you the cruise of your life.

River Cruises:

Do you love to see passing by beautiful cities, charming villages and scenic landscapes from the deck of your ship? In that case, a river cruise is definitely for you. The range is enormous, from Europe to the Amazon, and from the Mississippi to the Irrawaddy.


We selected cruises where single-friendly rates are applicable, without having to sacrifice comfort, service and experience. This is possible with various shipping companies.

Expedition (50 – 200 passengers):

We head towards polar and exotic destinations, with the intention of observing the fauna and flora and guided by nature experts. Usually excursions (landings) are provided by Zodiac and lectures are given on board about what you will see.

Guided cruises:

You are part of a regular group to go on a cruise, guided from the airport and during the entire duration of the cruise. A carefree cruise where everything is arranged for you.