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Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Albatros Expeditions is a leading expedition shipping company that takes you to the most remote and pristine areas of the planet, on modern purpose-built ships that exude Scandinavian style. The Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros are their newest ships, which have a capacity of just 93 comfortable suites. And that is exactly their business model, offering small-scale expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic. There are multiple restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, a modern lecture lounge, and other amenities on board.


Diversity and a sense of home are a constant must, together with a commitment to staff, crew, and guests.  That's why Albatros Expeditions is also a member of IGLTA, the world's leading network of LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism companies.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

An unforgettable adventure along less travelled routes. A cultural immersion. The trip of a lifetime. The heart and soul of Polynesia. That is the Aranui experience. For over 30 years, Aranui has been taking enthusiastic adventurers on one of the most fascinating journeys in the world, the enchanting Marquesas Islands, these islands have been a haven of peace for some celebrities, including the famous singer Jacques Brel, who chose to spend the last years of his life here, and is even buried here.

The ship, the Aranui 5, can also be called special and unique. This custom-built ship from 2015 is a passenger freighter that manages to combine the comfort of a cruise ship with cargo service to remote areas, as a lifeline for small communities far from civilisation.

The 12-day cruises to the Marquesas include all meals and scheduled excursions, and are framed by a dedicated and friendly crew, many of whom are from the islands you visit. They will welcome you like family and enjoy introducing you to their age-old customs.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Aurora Expeditions is an Australian cruise company which focuses on small scale expeditions in the polar regions and other remote areas. It offers you the possibility of discovering unique regions in an intimate manner on innovative itineraries guided knowledgably by experienced expedition specialists, naturalists and historians. The extensive programme of activities includes: climbing, sea kayaking, diving and photography. One of the most popular activities is camping, offering you the opportunity to roll out your sleeping mat and crawl into your thermal sleeping bag for an unforgettable camping experience, with the breathtaking beauty of the Antarctic night sky, and the sound of animals continuing their busy activities around you.

Their 2 expedition ships immediately stand out because of their upside-down bow. Due to this special marine technology, you experience less vibration and can therefore fully enjoy unparalleled stability and superb comfort.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Exploris Expeditions is a new French shipping company that aims to offer unique itineraries to French-speaking guests with small expedition ships. All announcements on board will be made only in French and the shipping company makes it a point of honour that all crew members are proficient in French.

Sustainability is close to their hearts, with Exploris making every effort to ensure that future generations have as many opportunities to experience the same expeditions as what is on offer today.


The first ship, the Exploris I, accommodates 140 passengers, in the polar regions only up to 120. This allows you to fully enjoy an intense, exclusive and personalised experience with shorter waiting times during disembarkation and thus more time ashore to discover the most beautiful places of the polar regions. Not only the polar regions are on the programme, you can also explore the Amazon, the Chilean fjords, the Azores, the European Atlantic coasts and the British Isles. Exploris is ambitious though, as they wish to expand their fleet quickly.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises offers a wide range of expedition cruises with its three sister ships HANSEATIC Inspiration, HANSEATIC Nature, and HANSEATIC Spirit. These ships were specially built for expedition cruises to the polar regions, among others, but equally to the Amazon, Fiji, and Madagascar. They feature eco-friendly technology to sail as emission-free as possible and thus protect nature.

The designers of these ships were inspired by nature, and this is reflected well in the use of curved shapes, and in the colours and materials used. The nature experience on board is also intense, including two retractable glass-floored balconies and the Nature Walk promenade. Unlike HANSEATIC Nature and HANSEATIC Spirit, HANSEATIC Inspiration is an international ship, which means that both German and English are spoken on board.

In 2024, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will provide a Dutch-speaking contact person throughout the voyage on eight exciting itineraries, especially for Belgian and Dutch cruise lovers. This is a good mix of expedition cruises and cultural cruises with three of their best ships: the new generation expedition ships HANSEATIC Inspiration and HANSEATIC Nature, and the EUROPA 2, recognised several times as the best cruise ship. The exciting itineraries range from Antarctica to Svalbard, from the Mediterranean to the Great Lakes in North America, and an extremely unique route to the Northern Lights.

These voyages are an utterly unique experience, and for many it involves the realisation of a childhood dream or ticking off a bucket list item.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Hurtigruten ships have been a fixture on the Norwegian coast since 1893, when they originally provided a smooth delivery of mail and goods. Today, their ships sail to the Arctic and Antarctica, and many destinations in between. On each ship, you will find modern facilities carefully blended with the pure nature of expeditions.

In 2019, Hurtigruten added a brand new ship to its fleet, the MS Roald Amundsen. This state-of-the-art ship features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that reduces fuel consumption, making it clear that hybrid propulsion is possible on large ships. A once- in-a- lifetime experience are undoubtedly the 10- or 14-day discovery cruises to the Galápagos Islands aboard the small expedition ship Santa Cruz II, to witness the iconic nature and spectacular landscapes of this remarkable archipelago.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Oceanwide Expeditions is a Dutch maritime company with a fleet of small expedition ships which primarily sail in the Antarctic and Arctic. Its expedition cruises are very active, requiring a high degree of physical fitness. The most recent and advanced ship of Oceanwide Expeditions, designed in response to the most recent requirements of the Polar Code, is the first ship in the world to be registered Polar Class 6.

The Hondius is the most flexible, most advanced, and most innovative ship in the polar regions, and it is perfectly optimised for exploratory trips which bring you close to nature. By keeping the shortest possible sailing times at sea, and by following rapid docking times, this maritime company allows passengers to spend a lot of time on land. There are on average two landings each day, depending on the weather forecast and schedule.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

With polar, tropical and subtropical expeditions, from Antarctica to Papua New Guinea, Ponant takes you

to pristine nature and ancient mythical cultures. With nearly 20 years of experience in extreme regions, Ponant is a true polar specialist. Their brand-new expedition yacht Le Commandant Charcot was specially designed for the polar regions and lets you sample on board a highly refined environment with a palpable French touch. Powered by LNG gas, this hybrid-electric polar exploration vessel was designed with the utmost attention to safety and environmental friendliness.


For all lovers of exploration, adventure, discovery, and unique encounters far beyond the boundaries of normal travel, Ponant and National Geographic have joined forces and expertise to offer unique and enriching expedition cruises.


The Ponant expedition teams, consisting of enthusiastic expedition leaders and nature guides, open the doors to pristine natural areas. During excursions by Zodiac and on-board talks, the team will give you the key to discover the flora and fauna, understand the traditions and way of life of the local people, and experience these remote areas up close.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Poseidon Expeditions is aimed at offering curious travellers with high expectations the perfect combination of comfort and personalised service, with a balanced formula of opportunities for outdoor activities in a spirit of adventure. With the aid of a fleet of Zodiacs and helicopters on board, you will be assisted on land by an exceptional team of expedition guides and experts to observe nature and spectacular landscapes up close.

The small expedition ship Sea Spirit can navigate protected channels and bays inaccessible to larger cruise ships. Anyone can land simultaneously at landing sites in Antarctica and the Arctic, where the number of visitors is limited by law. One notable destination is the British Isles, where Poseidon provides an expedition-style journey from Portsmouth to Edinburgh to explore some of the British Isles' most historically significant and natural destinations.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Founded in 1991 by two intrepid adventurers, Lars Wikander and Mike McDowell, Quark Expeditions has become an expert specialising in the polar territories, leading curious travellers into the last unexplored places on Earth. Its expeditions benefit from a broad experience, with the accent on an innovative approach. For example, Quark offers the possibility of flying to the Antarctic, avoiding the often rough crossing of the Drake Passage. Quark Expeditions goes where others do not or simply cannot go, which may be by kayak, Zodiac boat, helicopter or even hot air balloon. 

The newest ship in the Quark fleet is the Ultramarine, equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, 20 fast Zodiacs, spacious suites, wellness facilities and plenty of outdoor spaces from which to observe wildlife in comfort. The Ultramarine has ice class 1A+, PC6. Quark Expeditions has some impressive firsts to its name; for instance, this shipping company organised the first ever floating film festival aboard the Sea Spirit.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

The brand new expedition ship Seabourn Venture was specially designed for diverse cruising areas in accordance with PC6 Polar Class standards and equipped with the latest technology to ensure extraordinary stability, the highest possible safety, and exceptional comfort in all climates and conditions. Equipment is available for diving, kayaking, snorkelling, and mountain biking. In addition to zodiacs, this ship also has two submarines for six guests on board to explore the fascinating underwater world.


You can also experience the Seabourn All-inclusive Difference concept for the expeditions. All suites are luxuriously furnished with a private veranda, world-class restaurants are included, as well as guided expedition experiences with the 24 zodiacs, hikes, snorkelling and diving. The 24-member Expedition Team provides immersive experiences and accompanies you throughout your trip, and there are the unforgettable moments, such as caviar on ice and the Polar Plunge. Again, personal service is highly regarded, perfectly framed by staff who are passionate about exceeding guests' expectations.


Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are luxury cruise ships designed and built to explore the world's most coveted destinations in elegance and comfort. The smaller dimensions of both Pursuit and Venture allow you to travel to more remote destinations and areas that larger ships cannot reach.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

Scenic has two brand new ultra-luxurious discovery yachts, Scenic Eclipse I and II. These offer fantastic voyages to unforgettable yacht destinations such as the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, but also Japan, Indonesia, and Polynesia. In iconic places like Greenland, Antarctica, Australia, and Spitsbergen these voyages feature an expedition experience.

The once-in-a-lifetime experiences are many. Excursions by zodiac or by kayak, snorkelling, hiking through the snow, cycling on an e-bike, stand-up paddling, floating across the ocean floor in a submarine, or flying like a bird in a helicopter, these are all among the possibilities. The culinary experiences are second to none: from contemporary fine dining to the relaxed setting of the Yacht Club. The Scenic Eclipse discovery yachts have ice class PC6.

The accommodation truly surpasses everything, and with almost as many crew members as guests you will enjoy unparalleled personal service. From the Senses Spa (550 m²) to the extensive choice of dining options and alfresco terraces, the luxurious wonders on board here are endless. The brand new Sky Bar on the Scenic Eclipse II's Sky Deck has an indoor and outdoor area including Vitality pool, and six private cabanas so guests can enjoy the stunning views with a drink in hand. Every detail of the suites has been thought of. Take the Owner's Penthouse Suites, which have their own mini-spa with steam room, where the bathroom has been completely reinvented.


Expedition cruise ships (< 300 passengers)

An expedition with Silversea is unlike any other form of travel. They take you to some of the most remote areas of the planet to let you discover the hidden animal and plant world. But it's not just about wildlife or mountains. It is about immersing yourself in the culture, landscape, and habitat of a region with the help of enthusiastic experts. Silversea offers expeditions to the seven continents so you can experience everything from the lush rainforests around the equator to the polar extremes at each tip of the globe.

Explore wondrous underwater regions, admire volcanic plateaus with geysers, or enter the realm of the polar bear. But wherever you go, you will live a unique, immersive experience that will broaden your global perspective, because destinations like the Galápagos Islands, the Kimberley, Tasmania, the Amazon, or the Chilean fjords are sure to prompt you to reassess what really matters. And rest assured: on an expedition cruise with Silversea, you really won't be denied anything in terms of comfort.

We are all more and more concerned with the ecological imprint left by our travels, which is why Silversea has invested hugely in state-of-the-art technology, a dynamic positioning system that protects the delicate seabed, and an advanced propulsion system. The expedition fleet was expanded with the Silver Endeavour, built to PC6 Polar Class specifications and the most luxurious expedition ship at the moment. Also revolutionary are the two newest expedition ships, the Silver Nova and the Silver Ray, which usher in an era of a new way of luxury cruising. The revolutionary horizontal design creates particularly spacious public areas that blend seamlessly, but it also introduces spacious suites, many of which promise 270˚ views from sea to sky, nine dining options, and an unprecedented choice of bars.